States Seceding? Not so Fast.

A little under two weeks ago the 2012 election ended with a major victory for incumbent Barack Obama. As usual, people who voted against the winner did not take it well. Some took it so poorly that they actually started petitions for their state to secede from the Union. It seems like I remember some states seceding in the past. That’s right, the Civil War. That certainly did not work out very well for those states.

The petitions certainly do not make much sense. However, petitions from the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Texas, and Louisiana have received the 25,000 signature minimum that will make the White House have to take notice. Take a moment and look at the states that I just mentioned. Now all we need is South Carolina to get the correct number of signatures and the Confederate States of America will almost be back.  Quite a few other states have also started petitions, but have not yet raised 25,000 signatures.

So why did I say the petitions do not make much sense? First off, if you look at the petitions, which can be found of the White House website, you will notice that many people have simply gone around and signed all of the petitions. This has inflated the number of signatures and, lets be honest, having a Kentuckian sign a petition for Texas to secede really does not make sense. Furthermore, are you really trying to secede because your candidate lost? You do realize that in every competition someone looses, right?

Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on your stance, many people are speaking out from the other side of the debate.  Residents in three Texas cities, Houston, Austin and El Paso, have signed petitions asking to secede from Texas if Texas secedes from the Union.The Houston petition says that “those asking for secession of the state of Texas are mentally deficient and do not want them representing us.” The petition also adds,”We would like more education in our state to eradicate their disease.” Harsh.

Clearly voices on both sides of the aisle are going a bit overboard with this debate. However, many people still realize that we are fortunate to live in the United States with rights and privileges that citizens of many nations can only dream about. One of those rights is the ability to even petition for this type of thing. Would you like to try that in some of the Asian or Middle Eastern nations at the moment? Ask Tibet what they think would happen if they petitioned to regain their independence from China.

We live in a great Republic that has given us the right to have a voice. So you are mad your candidate lost? Why not just wait for 4 years to vote in someone else? That is the beauty of our nation. Even better, in only 2 years you can change the balance of power in congress, which could have an even bigger impact than the President. So, please, stop trying to destroy our country. It is time to start fulfilling our duties as citizens instead.