Twitter Fights Nazis


ImageTwitter has become a tool used by the masses. The Twitter system allows people to send short messages with hash tags that allow viewers to see many opinions concerning the same topic. Did you see the Presidential debate on Tuesday? If you did you would have noticed all of the tweets of the bottom of the screen on most of the networks. Quite a few of these tweets contained the hast tag, #bindersfullofwomen. Thanks a bunch for that one Romney.  Honestly, twitter amuses me, but it can also be just as offensive.


It seems like Twitter has finally started to realize that all of the content on its site is less that friendly, and often downright illegal. Twitter recently unveiled a new initiative to begin blocking certain content that goes against the laws of certain nations. The first use of this system? the blocking of all Nazi content in Germany. As you should probably know by now, Germany has quite a bad history when it comes to Nazis. Remember World War 2? Remember the Holocaust? Both of those events disgust German citizens, and since shortly after World War 2 all Nazi symbols and references have been banned.

Neo-Nazi groups have been using Twitter to get around this law for several years, but Twitter has now said enough. The Neo-Nazi group, known as hannoverticker, was the first user banned on twitter using their new policy against racial hate. Several tweets from this group included calls for rounding up Jews, calling for the government to be overthrown to start a Fourth Reich, and tweets glamorizing the fact that several members are facing criminal charges for inciting racial violence.  Not cool.


The new policy actually allows the group to keep their twitter account, but now its tweets are only visible out side of Germany. So how does that make you feel as an American? Do you agree with blocking Nazi content promoting racial violence? Or, if this was to occur in America, would you feel like it is a violation of your first amendment rights? Personally I would feel like it would still be illegal here. Talking about Nazi information is one thing, but attempting to convince people to restart a genocide is quite different.

Twitter, and other Social media sites, can be great places to share your opinions. However, if you are crazy and spewing racial hate, maybe you shouldn’t be surprised if the police come knocking on your door. Social sites are fun, as shown by the humor found in Romney’s Binders full of women comment, but maybe it is time to take some responsibility on them too.



Can the Big East Survive as a Power League?

Almost a month ago the Big East hired former CBS executive vice president Mike Aresco to be the new commissioner of the conference. At the time many fans of Big East football breathed a sigh of relief, because it seemed like the conference finally had a leader that could get the conference a good TV contract. Many people believe that a good TV contract will help stabilize football membership. However, Notre Dame may have just pulled the rug out from under the already stumbling conference.

Yesterday, the news broke that Notre Dame has decided to move all of its non-football sports to the ACC. Since Notre Dame’s football team has always been independent, this means that every team Notre Dame had in the Big East will soon transition to the ACC. So why is this such a problem if the Big East’s main issue is Football and Notre Dame was not in the conference for this sport? Simply put, this now puts the strength of the Big East as a whole into question.

Many reporters have claimed that Notre Dame left the Big East to find better competition for its Lacrosse, Soccer, and Basketball Teams. The fact that Basketball was mentions is especially worrying, because prior to the recent defections of Syracuse, Pitt, and West Virginia the Big East was seen as the premier basketball conference. Even though most of Notre Dame’s prestige was created by its football prowess from over a decade ago, it was still one of the most recognized brands of the conference. Loosing this Brand name is obviously bad for TV contract negotiations simply for its pull. It is also bad for the negotiations due to the fact that many fans had hopped that we could get a contract with NBC who already had a contract with Notre Dame for football. Many Big East fans believed that this combination would be profitable for NBC, but now it seems like that would be awkward

So what does this mean for the Big East as a power league? It may scuttle positive TV negotiations, or it may mean nothing. It is really to early to tell. The one thing that we know for sure is that the conferences prestige just took another hit to the common fan. As a common fan I would now be extremely happy if my school, the University of Louisville, would say so long to the Big East. The new Big East Football brand is weak, and the Basketball prestige is dropping steadily. Back in 2005 the Big East was a great step up for U of L, but now its status has dropped so low that it has become a liability. I hope Tom Jurich is making some phone calls.

Card Chronicle

You know the problem with those open ended class assignments? For me it is the fact that they are open ended. So what should I write here? Should I talk about food? Nah, I am already too hungry. Should I talk about music? Apart from me thinking “Call me Maybe” is the most annoying song ever, I do not have much to contribute. So now that I have covered what I will not be covering what should I talk about? Card Chronicle. Why am I going to talk about Card Chronicle? Simply put, it is the only website that I read everyday.

What is Card Chronicle you ask? It is everything University of Louisville sports. Louisville Basketball? Covered. Louisville Football? Covered. References to Saved By the Bell?  Double covered.

The self proclaimed 9th favorite blog of Charlie Strong was originally created in early 2006 as “The Card Report.” In October of the same year, the blog’s creator, Mike Rutherford, moved the Report to the SBNation sports site as the renamed Card Chronicle. Here is the first post ever.

The site has grown tremendously since then. Seriously, if you look at the article archives from those days many posts had no comments. If you look at the posts from the last week  there are several articles with more than 40 comments. If you combine this with the fact that the Card Chronicle’s Facebook page has nearly 4000 likes, you can see that its popularity has skyrocketed.

Once upon a time I was a UK fan. Please, don’t hate me. I repent for that mistake. I grew up in Big Blue territory and I didn’t know any better. Then I started my search for which college I should attend coming out of high school. Someone from my school who had already decided to go to Louisville showed me Card Chronicle back in 2007, and this site is why I am a Cards fan today.  I grew up being a UK fan by being feed all of the normal UK fan content(Billy Gillispie is going to win all kinds of Championships at UK). Somehow, it never felt right.

Card Chronicle showed me something different: it contained humor, intelligent dialogue, and real life expectations. The change was refreshing and it made me mad I hadn’t realized that I should have been a Louisville fan all along. So I extend a big thank you to Mike Rutherford and Card Chronicle. Thank you for opening up the world of Louisville fandom.