How Important is a Logo?



As you can see from the picture to the right, the Microsoft logo has changed many times. How many of you realized that? Unless you were born in the 70’s, I would bet not many of you. The original logo was classic 70’s, but subsequent logos seemed to rely more on a simplistic font. In fact, from 1987 until earlier this year the only major change on the logo was the placement of the slogan. Then, earlier this year, Microsoft released its new logo. The font is now straight up and down instead on italicized. The black has been changed to a gray, and a new multicolored window logo has joined the text. The result? Thousands of dislikes on the You Tube video that unveiled it.  The new logo is nice, but people do not like change an were used to the old logo.  

Logos are often the most identifiable thing for a company. If I say apple most people would picture the shiny, silver apple with one bite taken out of it. If I say Google, most people would picture the multicolored font that spells out the company’s name. Coke? The cursive styled Coca-cola. A logo can legitimately be worth millions of dollars. Unfortunately, most logos do not have the lasting power of the Coke logo. 


So what happens when you feel forced to update your logo? It could end is disaster. Just ask Gap. The old blue logo was created in 1967. The company decided to update the logo to make it seem more exciting in a multi-million dollar refresh project. Gap then had the new logo created, changing the font to black and placing a blue square behind the p. Consumers hated it. With a passion. The backlash was so severe, that Gap removed the new logo and replaced it with the old logo after only two weeks.  

Clearly the logo can mean a lot to a company, especially from a marketing standpoint. The logo of many universities are also well known. The Logo of Notre Dame is almost universally recognized. The Wildcat logo of our rivals, the University of Kentucky, is also well know. Louisville’s cardinal logo is also well known. However, while this logo is well known I would like to see the return of one of our older logos. Say hello to the Dunking Cardinal. 




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