Windows 8 Hate


As a college student everyone I know owns some type of computer. Most of these computers either run the Mac OS or Windows. The most important characteristic of a computer is its Operating System(OS), which is the interface that you use when you are operating the computer. Apple just released its new Mac OSX Lion a few weeks ago, and Microsoft is preparing for the role out of its new Windows 8 OS. Why is this important? Simply put, Windows 8 is aesthetically a major departure from Windows 7. 



Many Technology writers have heavily bashed the new interface, saying that it is clunky and hard to use. I disagree. I have actually found that use of the “Metro” interface is actually easy, but it will take some time to get used to for people used to the traditional Windows interface. Other complaints include the “disappearance” of the old Start menu. However, the start menu has not gone away, but it has simply changed instead. If you look at the image above you will notice that it says “Start” on the top left. Why does it say Start? Because it is the Stat menu. 

The new menu is quite interesting. The live tiles give you information from apps without having to open them. This is especially nice for the Mail and Weather applications. It is also easy to get to setting in apps by swiping from the left of the screen to reveal the Charms bar, which is available in every application. That Bar also allows you to go back to the start screen, search within the app, share information with people in your social circles, and control your devices. That’s nice to have in one place. 

So with those improvements, why do so many technology writers seem to enjoy to hate on Windows 8? Essentially, it seems like technology writers expect consumers to not like change. That may actually be close to the truth. Even if this is true, people need to give Windows 8 a chance. Windows 8 will eventually be seen as a very good operating system, so don’t dismiss it because you do not like change.  Image



Card Chronicle

You know the problem with those open ended class assignments? For me it is the fact that they are open ended. So what should I write here? Should I talk about food? Nah, I am already too hungry. Should I talk about music? Apart from me thinking “Call me Maybe” is the most annoying song ever, I do not have much to contribute. So now that I have covered what I will not be covering what should I talk about? Card Chronicle. Why am I going to talk about Card Chronicle? Simply put, it is the only website that I read everyday.

What is Card Chronicle you ask? It is everything University of Louisville sports. Louisville Basketball? Covered. Louisville Football? Covered. References to Saved By the Bell?  Double covered.

The self proclaimed 9th favorite blog of Charlie Strong was originally created in early 2006 as “The Card Report.” In October of the same year, the blog’s creator, Mike Rutherford, moved the Report to the SBNation sports site as the renamed Card Chronicle. Here is the first post ever.

The site has grown tremendously since then. Seriously, if you look at the article archives from those days many posts had no comments. If you look at the posts from the last week  there are several articles with more than 40 comments. If you combine this with the fact that the Card Chronicle’s Facebook page has nearly 4000 likes, you can see that its popularity has skyrocketed.

Once upon a time I was a UK fan. Please, don’t hate me. I repent for that mistake. I grew up in Big Blue territory and I didn’t know any better. Then I started my search for which college I should attend coming out of high school. Someone from my school who had already decided to go to Louisville showed me Card Chronicle back in 2007, and this site is why I am a Cards fan today.  I grew up being a UK fan by being feed all of the normal UK fan content(Billy Gillispie is going to win all kinds of Championships at UK). Somehow, it never felt right.

Card Chronicle showed me something different: it contained humor, intelligent dialogue, and real life expectations. The change was refreshing and it made me mad I hadn’t realized that I should have been a Louisville fan all along. So I extend a big thank you to Mike Rutherford and Card Chronicle. Thank you for opening up the world of Louisville fandom.